Things You Need To Know Before Getting On Track

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Things You Need To Know Before Getting On Track

April 26, 2016 Auto Services 0

To get anywhere in motorbike racing, first, you need a motorcycle. You have to buy a motorcycle with an engine power, that you can control. You could buy a used motorcycle, if you’re on a tight budget; it will also save you a lot of money because you don’t have to tune the engine, upgrade suspension or spend money on for any modifications. You won’t be able to travel to motorbike racing tracks, in your motorbike itself. You will have to hire a trailer or a van, along with the driver to give you and your motorbike transport. Don’t forget to wear your ID on track, when racing. Using high quality protective gear is a must. You have to be fearless when riding, it is the key to a successful carrier as a bike rider.

Things you need to know before getting off road

Off road racing is totally different from on track racing and it takes more practice for the rider to race in an off-road track and the most essential thing that riding, is proper motorcycle training. After you have trained yourself, off road riding can be more fun than on track riding. Master your clutch operating skills, adjust the leaves for two finger operation, for faster and easier responses and it will help in dealing with obstacles in the road, like a boss! When traveling on sand, increase the speed and lean backwards, to maintain balance. Don’t forget to take your tool kit with you because you’re out of your comfort zone and you’re not riding on a perfectly paved track. The chances of danger is high. Don’t use your bike’s front brakes when taking turns. The front brakes should be used when traveling in straight lines after slowing down. It’s up to you to choose a safe path for your destination. Don’t take a path which you think you can’t handle. Go to this link for more info about motorcycle training in Brisbane.

Safety precautions of motorcycle racing

When getting involved in motorcycle racing, you have to use high quality safety gears to keep yourself from injuries and even death. The chances of an accident when riding a motorbike is higher than riding a car because you will fall down, even by loosing your balance. Wearing leather outfits will help protect your skin and you must wear a helmet to to protect your head and goggles to protect your eyes from dirt and dust. Always focus on your ride and focus on what’s going around you. Your helmet should be fitted into your head, properly. It should be just the right size and should not cause any obstructions to your eyesight. Wearing the right shoes will help protect your feet and will ease changing gears. Plus, wearing shoes will prevent your feet from burnt.