Importance Of Knowing The History

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Importance Of Knowing The History

December 8, 2015 Auto Services 0

The first car manufacturer to fix a car air conditioner is the Packard Motor Car Company in year 1939 in the United States of America. They called it the “weather conditioner” and this also had a heater in it. Yet this did not become a very successful product because; this occupied half of a vehicle’s trunk, there wasn’t a proper mechanism to shut it off, the layout proved to be inconvenient when it had to be serviced and most of all this was very expensive and many people could not afford this at that time.


The followers

There were many experiments tried out later by the Packard as well as the Cadillac companies. Then a significant experiment was done by Chrysler Imperial in year 1953. This invention was called the “air temp” which could be operated by the switch on the vehicle dashboard. The specialty of this is, the cool air being directed towards the roof instead towards the passengers, which was very comfortable for the travelers. All in all “air temp” was advanced than all the other competitor mobile car air conditioning systems. Then in year 1954 the Nash Kelvinator Company introduced the first automobile with a fully integrated, all in one; heating, ventilating as well as an air conditioning system. It was the Nash Ambassador that they started with and eventually they introduced it to the other Nash models as well. This single unit was compact and also affordable mechanic at Ashmore.


The popularity

By the late twentieth century air conditioning for vehicles were being used significantly and by year 1969, 54% of the American domestic vehicles had air conditioning systems. Though at first the fuel consumption for vehicles with air conditioners was high, with technology advancements this was controlled. The comfort of going in a vehicle comfortably without sweating or without having dust all over the passengers as well as the vehicle interior was the reason for the high demand for auto air conditioning systems in Gold Coast .


Current situation

Nowadays there are almost no vehicles that does not have a good air conditioning system. No one would even by a vehicle as such unless it is a safari vehicle or a vehicle of similar capacity. Vehicle air conditioning is a common thing now, though there was a time when people had to request for an air conditioner to be fixed to their vehicle or people specifically had to mention that they want a vehicle with an air conditioner. Now no one would ever inquire about an air conditioner when they are purchasing a vehicle. Only if someone is buying a very old model, would inquire such a thing today and also if a person would buy a second hand vehicle, the only question regarding the air conditioner would be; “Is the air conditioner working properly?”