A Fascinating Industrial Trip

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A Fascinating Industrial Trip

June 7, 2016 Auto Services 0

I study at a vocational training school and I am training to be a technical assistant in a couple of years. I was never a lover of books. However, I love learning the skills of the trade at my school and I truly believe that I have found the right career path for me. I see myself in the future doing what I love even though this field is not for everyone. My school organized a field trip recently, which I found fascinating and inspiring. This is why I thought I’d write something about it, hoping to encourage and inspire others out there who are still in doubt whether they should sign up for vocational training or not. Visit this page if you are looking for axle group weighing.

What We Saw

We visited an industrial site which dealt with heavy weighing. To be more specific, they were builders and sellers of machinery that allowed for the measuring of heavy loads. The site was beyond large and it was fascinating to watch them build. For the day, we were led through the process of building affordable truck weigh scales, weighbridges and load cells. I was still a new student at the vocational training school and therefore did not know much about technicalities, even though I have been reading up on tech related material and watching numerous videos online etc. Therefore it is on this day that I properly realized how much of work goes into making these devices. It was a longer and a harder process than I expected. A lot of technical knowledge was required for the job. Our guide for the day led us through the whole process explaining things step by step, which I found to be very useful. Different teams attended to making different parts of the equipment and we all watched spellbound as they did the assembling. We were informed that some parts of these gadgets were brought to the site, pre-built and incorporated into the gadgets at the site.

What I took home from the Trip

It was definitely an eye opener for me and a confirmation that I chose the correct career path for myself. As I watched the gadgets come together, I absolutely loved every minute of it and was never bored unlike some of the field trips we took back in high school. It was a lot of team work and the contribution of every person was of great value. You have to have a lot of patience and pay full attention while you are at work. Thus, if you also find this type of work to be interesting like I did, then technical training school is probably the best choice for you as well.