Evolution Of The Bollard

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Evolution Of The Bollard

October 19, 2015 Auto Services 0

parking.19A bollard is a small post out of wood, concrete or steel, erected vertically. The term is most probably derived from the “word” bole which means a tree trunk. Though the origins of the term is arguable, in early days the bollard served an important purpose of securing vessels like ships and quays in harbors and facilitated mooring. With time the bollard has evolved both its purpose and its structure in order to spread its use from the coast line to the Centre of the country. Given here are four examples on how the bollard conquered the entire nation by its ability to evolve.


Maritime bollards
Bollards were primarily used for the purpose of mooring ships and quays and have a history which runs far as the 17th century. Old cannons were used as bollards in then, which were laid along the deck so that mooring was easy. In the 19th century it took a twist by being more custom-made and even built out of wood.


Traffic bollards
During the 18th century wooden posts were used as traffic management in certain European countries. It prevented unnecessary accidents caused by carriages, their means of transport then. Certain paintings and engravings of that time too give hints of structures very similar to bollards found now a days. According to many traffic calming organizations using bollards has controlled the intake of vehicles and reduced the number of accidents happening, especially in highways. Two long rows of bicycle parking racks on either side of the road limits the traffic that enters the road, thus reducing traffic congestion and the outcomes of it. As the gaps between two adjacent bollards are spacious enough for a person to go through or a bicycle to fit in, it’s not a problem for the cyclists and the pedestrians.


Removable bollards
As the name implies, bollards that can be removed at will are known as removable bollards. Removable bollards are of two types. They are either hinged to the ground or retractable using machinery. The bollards which are hinged to the ground are fixed to a metallic or plastic socket and usually have a padlock so that an authorized person has to unlock in order to allow entering. On the other hand, retractable ones are steel bollards at http://www.parkerswa.com/product/bollards/ that can be retracted below ground level and bring back above ground level through machinery. This method is easy and fast, thus used to secure areas which are more vulnerable for attack and theft.


Protective bollards
Places which are prone to accidents from vehicles such as factories, glass buildings near a busy road and even stores which sell electronic equipment and machinery, erect one or many bollards in front of the place inclined to an accident. This bollard usually prevents accidental collisions of vehicles, thus protecting the building. Now it’s clear what an amazing journey a bollard had gone through in order to be useful all over the place. It’s truly remarkable.